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Spiral and Modular Staircases – Area Saving Techniques

Spiral stairs have always been an excellent structure for small areas. Even though, new, cutting-edge designs for spiral Staircases Sheffield have resulted in designs that use minimum one sq. meter or maybe in some designs about 3.3 sq ft of area.

Contemporary Staircases

Any spiral staircase is a really reliable option to connect several floors in your home. Such staircase is usually quite small and also can have very pleasant look. You’ll find spiral stairs made from a variety of materials as well as their combinations including metal, iron, wood, aluminum and many others. In case you have a difficult structure situation, curved staircase is the best option for you.

To meet structural requirements for staircases, the stairs must be created from steel or stainless steel; however, the steps may be created from variety of materials such as wood, metal, glass and stone. Spiral staircases may be available in do-it-yourself kits which can be adjusted easily; however you also need to examine your local code specifications.

Modular staircases can be manufactured as spiral stairs with straight and flipped styles. These types of stairs are usually useful for lofts and attics. Modular stairs are available in kits that have the treads, handrails, balusters and all sorts of hardware necessary for design and installation. Most of these are flexible stairs can be manufactured in different ways. Loft and attic ladders are usually installed on walls or can be manufactured as flip-style or sliding ladder-style stairs that disappear when not in use. This idea is being explored more by architects.

One common guideline is always that a lot more small a spiral stair is, the more dangerous it’s to go up or go down. You definitely need to keep a hand on the handrail constantly. It’s also advisable to keep your feet toward the external edge of the treads as they are wider there, and your feet are even less likely to slip off. offers a variety of design options. They offer a few ideal styles of spiral staircases you could find best for you. Just call at 0114 285 4994 and discuss your requirements with experts.

Tips On How To Fit Plaster Ceiling Roses

Plaster Cornice Ceiling roses are stunning decorative mouldings placed in the center of the ceiling. The fitting of light is normally put in the center of ceiling rose and hangs below it, giving the room a beautiful feel.

Ceiling Roses

How to setting up a ceiling rose? 

You should decide what material your ceiling rose is to be. Polystyrene is a less expensive, more lightweight option, or you may want a plaster rose. Plaster is heavier and more difficult to fit.

Prior to starting anything, make sure you switch off the electricity so that you can re-wire the light fitting. Do not try any kind of work on your electrics without having the proper experience or expert help.

Certain plaster roses aren’t having the hole for the wires to pass through, so you need to drill a hole.

Prepare the ceiling surface where the rose is going to be attached. Make it clean so the glue can stick successfully. The heavier the rose you’re connecting, the stronger glue you’ll need. Coving glue is effective, you can also use high-quality cartridge glue, be certain that you’re using the right glue for the work prior to make any attempt.

When using the glue over the rose, make sure apply the proper quantity in the right areas. The backside of ceiling roses are usually concave , which means just apply to the upper areas that contact with the ceiling. Consider manufacturer’s recommendations when you try this particular part.

When you have put on the glue over the rose, place it on the ceiling. Don’t forget to pass the electric wiring from the hole. To support the ceiling rose in position while it is connecting, either insert a couple of plasterboard screws and insert in the holes later, or use an long prop to fix its position.

Switch on the electricity and then leave it to dry for at least one day before you want to paint your newly installed ceiling rose.

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