BigRigPower DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Delete

DPF Delete: The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an emissions component designed to trap carbon and soot created by the engine. The DPF is a device in your diesel engine, built to gather diesel particulate matter or smoke from the exhaust gas. If the filter clogged up, it activates a regeneration cycle. This cycle floods the catalytic converter filled with diesel fuel and after that lights the fuel burns the trapped smoke. This significantly decreases power and reduces drivability. Sometimes, excessive soot goes back into the turbo and without having frequent and necessary servicing damage will happen. Ultimately, the DPF needs to be changed at considerable cost.

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology:

This technology works with a catalyst system to collapse the Nitrous Oxide emissions made by diesel engines into water and nitrogen. The chemical reactions which are included in the SCR systems need a continual supply of ammonia gas that is delivered by using DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). The DPF is accountable to the bad economy, decreased power, infected engine lubrication and greater maintenance.

Diesel Particulate Filter unit

It consists of a large canister that sits in the exhaust system and a series of fuel lines and sensors. Once the filter has filled with soot, the computer sequence automatically initiates a “re-gen” or “burn off” sequence. This involves fuel being pumped into the DPF to be ignited. This combustion burns off the trapped soot and cleans the filter.

BigRigPower Diesel Particulate Filter unit

While the DPF system is in re-gen, the vehicle is pushed into de-rate. What this means is the engine’s power is cut and the truck is unable to operate. This can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes, which puts the truck, the driver and the job at hand on hold. O the re-gen is complete; the truck should have full power and can go back to work. Unfortunately is not always the case.

Often the DPF will become so full of soot that it is effectively plugged. A plugged DPF cannot be cleaned with the trucks on board re-gen system. Instead, the filter must be removed from the truck and manually cleaned or possibly replaced. Meanwhile, the truck is inoperable. When the filter is plugged, there is no possible way for exhaust gasses to pass through the exhaust system and the engine will not run. Vehicles that operate near idle – such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, and vehicles on rail lines – are even more susceptible to a plugged DPF filter which will equal down time. EGR, DPF and DEF components are expensive to replace. These parts need to be special ordered from the dealer and are not available in the aftermarket. Without these components, the emissions systems will not operate, and neither will the engine. Depending on where a truck is and where its repair shop is located, these parts can be weeks away. Weeks that could be spent working instead of costing the company more money in downtime and repairs. This does not support a healthy bottom line.

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Proper factory software is also often needed to fix issues related to DPF and EGR systems. Dealerships are generally the only place to access software such as CAT ET, Cummins Insite, and Detroit DDDL. Not only is it difficult to fix emissions problems without this software, but general maintenance also becomes problematic.

With advanced software techniques and high-performance parts, we can get your fleet moving and keep it moving. Deleting the DPF is one of the most common and effective kits. Doing so eliminates the need to ever go into regen or have a truck stuck in derate mode. You will never have to deal with a plugged DPF or suffer any down time because of the system.

Big Rig power ECM Tuner Kits – The more advance, easy to use and more powerful engine performance gadget.


One of the elements that are very interesting to incorporate the vehicle is the tuning, this is an improvement nonintrusive and therefore not directly affect any internal engine mechanical components. Thanks to the ECM Tuning we can access the systems of electronic injection and ignition (is out use for vehicles that do not incorporate these systems), these systems are governed by a control unit, i.e a small computer on which the program is hosted for ignition and injection run.

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